Michelsen Packaging Company contributes to a sustainable future by promoting and developing beneficial re-use. Our business is built around recycling. Without recycling, our products would be far too expensive to produce. We recycle not only because we depend on it, but because it is necessary for the survival of our planet. Thus, it is the core of our business. We encourage our community to recycle by providing recycling drop boxes for paper products and corrugated boxes. Here are just a few examples of our commitment to the environment:

• Our molded fiber apple trays and our Jiffy macerated pads are produced using recycled paper collected locally through our recycling facility, or purchased from outside recyclers.

• Rainwater is captured and used in the manufacturing process. This keeps stormwater from landing on paved surfaces and flowing to the river.

• Our Heat Reclaim System typically saves about 4 million BTU’s per hour. This is equal to 5462 barrels of oil, or 31 million cubic feet of natural gas, per year.

• Our molded fiber factory recycles each gallon of processed water at least 100 times before it is lost due to evaporation.
Stormwater is diverted away from the street to an engineered infiltration system, reducing the load on the city’s stormwater system and keeping runoff out of the rivers.

• All of the protective packaging we manufacture is made of materials that are partly or wholly recycled, and in turn are recyclable and compostable.

• Central Washington Recycling supports community recycling by providing locations in Yakima and Wenatchee where people are paid cash for their recyclable items.

• Waste heat generated from the manufacturing process is captured and piped under the concrete to keep the outdoor loading area free from snow and ice, making the use of ice melting chemicals unnecessary.

Central Washington
Recycling – Yakima

102 N 2nd Ave
Yakima, WA 98902
Phone: (509) 248-3513

Central Washington
Recycling – Wenatchee

1105 Hawley
Wenatchee, WA 98901
Phone: (509) 662-2157
or (509) 662-6671